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Waima Technologies provides unique solutions for the world retail, stands and fairs. Know the best shift manager solution in the market, make decisions based on the traffic and hot areas of the store.

About us

Waima Technologies provide personal solutions for Retail world, stands and fairs. We are a team whose goal is providing innovative strategies to promote the improvement of establishments and the customer experience based on the data our systems interpret.



Providing solutions to the Retail world in order to improve the establishment profitability and the customer experience based on the data our systems interpret.


Becoming a benchmark company in setting up improvements in the Retail world providing our technologies to each establishment regardless of its size.


We believe in progress and innovation. Therefore, we create products designed for small or medium-sized companies that aim to increase their performance and improve customer convenience in the retail world.


Queue Manager

Increase your sales eliminating the queues

Queue Manager

This easy tool let improve the customers experience optimising their time and taking advantage of your store resources.


Smart Fitting Room

Know what is happening inside your whole premise

Smart Fitting Room

This system will provide you a wider knowledge about what is happening in the fitting rooms, stay time, untapped areas, … in order to maximise your commercial area profitability.


Wait Rest

Forget wait lists

Wait Rest

Your customers will not queue waiting their desk. Through this service, the customer will be noticed when his desk is available in his mobile phone. Improving the customer experience and removing queues at the entrance of your establisment.

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Know your customers in order to improve your business


Check the places where your customers visit more often inside your retail premise and optimise your actions inside it according their behaviour.

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Waima Technologies

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